Stories of Hope

Gaurav Chander came to our project in 2011. He was 6 years old then. Gaurav was a special child and hence was admitted in the Special section. Special because he came diagnosed with autism. He was not able to speak properly, was unable to concentrate in his studies and not able to write also. Cognitively, he was unstableand was therefore kept in the Special section for 4 years. Here, he was given speech therapy, was taught how to write, to speak slowly. The teachers got him involved in art and craft work, dancing and singing also.

Presently, after all the efforts of the teachers,Gaurav can not only speak but has also started singing and became such a good dancer that he even won a dance competition in the Special Olympic Bharat competition which is held for special children. At the moment, he is now assigned with normal children and is currently studying in the 3rd Standard. He is now a very good student and making good strides and effort in his studies.

Abhishek comes from a very poor village where almost all the people there have a very meagre income making it difficult to survive for entire families. His family also is very poor and his father works as a laborer, earning a daily wage. It was difficult for his father to provide education for him but somehow managed to have him admitted in our school. There came a time when his father feared he would be unable to keep him in school due to his financial problems when through providence, Abhishek was able to get a sponsor from One Child Matters.

That was nothing short of a miracle for him and his family that he was now able to get a chance to study further. Abhishek is a bright student and very active. At the project, he has learnt about health, hygiene and good food habits. He now not only follows the instructions given at the project but also encourages his classmates to follow them. He is good in his studies, his favorite subject being English and he also enjoys physical activities. He takes part in all the activities conducted at the project and regularly attends the morning Assembly. He has two brothers and two sisters and wants to set an example for them. He is very grateful for the sponsorship he received as it is because of this that his life has changed and improved in a much better way. He and his family are grateful to One Child Matters for sponsoring him.

My name is Mansi. I would like to tell you the story about my life. A story of all the difficulties I have faced ever since I was born - things one cannot even imagine!

I was just a baby when disputes and arguments began between my parents. My father would hit my mother and, because of this situation, my mother started staying unwell and became very weak. One day, my mother got severely burnt and she died. No one knew the cause of how it had happened, but my Uncle and Grandfather would say that my father had burnt my mother to death.

Anyway, my mother was no more; I was too small to understand and realise what was happening and where I would go. My Grandfather brought me to their house, which was close by in the village. When I was 3 years old, my Nana (Grandfather) had me admitted in a school close by to his house, Ray of Hope, which is associated with Mission of Mercy now One Child Matters. Soon after, my Nana also passed away and I was left alone - I had become an orphan! An uncle, who was a neighbour of my grandfather, very kindly agreed to take me to their house and I was lucky to find a home. I think I have been very unlucky in life as, very soon after this, my uncle also passed away. By now, I was old enough to realise my situation and feelings and felt very sad and lonely - I would cry a lot!

Once again, I had no place to go and no idea about my life. But I am now very thankful and grateful to One Child Matters, who were my help and support at that time.

Now I am staying with my aunt. Yes, Life has not treated me well, has laid thorns and not roses for me, Yet I am grateful to OCM.

I wish to thank One Child Matters once again, for their love, kindness, support and prayers AS I AM NOW STILL ALIVE and studying in Class IV and this is only because of One Child Matters!

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