Sponsor a Child
Your little contribution can make a large difference in someone’s life. Sponsoring a child is a fantastic way to help give a child a better future. Both National (India) and the international community can sponsor a child through local and international bank transfers and other online or offline payment systems – please click here to find out more information.

Contributions to MOMI are eligible for tax benefits under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961. 50% of the donation made is allowed to be deducted from your taxable income subject to other statutory provisions.

This amount will cover following necessary costs
         School Fees


         Books & stationeries

         Bag & Shoes

You will receive communications from your child or regarding your child.

Periodically we will send you an updated photo of your child.

Whether you are an individual, a family, or a organization rest assured that no one else sponsors your child.

You have the opportunity to sponsor your child throughout the duration of their stay in the program.

We understand the sponsor’s circumstances sometimes change, and you may choose to discontinue your sponsorship at any time. If you end your sponsorship, please contact MOMI immediately so that another sponsor can be for your child.

Celebrating your child’s graduation from MOMI program is a natural part of sponsorship. We wish the circumstances surrounding all departures were cause for celebration, there are times when poverty creates situations beyond MOMI’s and your child’s control. Regardless of the reason for your child’s departure, MOMI remains passionately committed to caring long term for each child enrolled in our sponsorship program! We provide you with an opportunity to substitute your sponsorship with another child in the same project or from other projects of your choice.

Our hope is that you will continue to partner with us even after your sponsored child graduates or departs our program.

It's great if you want to write to your sponsored child. In many cases this could be the first time your sponsored child has ever received a letter!

You may send greeting cards and other small items as gifts to your child. Please do not ask your sponsor child what type of gift they would like from you.

• Crafts

• Bookmarks, Stickers

• Coloring book pages

• Story books

• Card games

• MOMI does not allow sponsors to send larger packages to their child.

• In addition to large items, please do not send Cash or coins

• Praise for child’s accomplishments

• The climate you live in

• Family, pets, friends, hobbies or crafts

• How you celebrate holidays

• Work, School

• Favorite sports

• Favorite Stories

• Vacations

• Favorite memories

• Photographs

Personal possessions & personal contact information.

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