Meet Our Team Members
Honesty and dedication is what makes the MOMI team so special. MOMI team members come from a variety of backgrounds but share a common belief that every child has the right to education. The team goal is eliminating poverty in India through education.
Sponsors Ministries
Ms. Judith Narayan Vaddi
North Asia Region Office Manager and Facilitation Coordinator
Dr. Kasturi Sengupta
Program Coordinator
Ms. Shikha Dugar
West Bengal & West India Project Facilitator
Ms. Prisilla Jennings
Child Sponsorship Coordinator
Ms. YingmaWaiba Tamang
Child Sponsorship Coordinator
Ms. Debolina Samaddar
Delhi Project Facilitator
Mr. Arjun Phillips
Lucknow Project Facilitator
Finance Department
Mr. Mark Storey
Finance Controller
Mr. Dibakar Midya
Account Officer
Mr. Sandip Dutta
Financial / Legal Advisor
Governing Body members
Mission of Mercy India is governed by a board of directors that maintains legal control of the organization's assets, making certain that contribution designations are honored and that the work of the organization remains consistent with its stated philosophy, purpose and mission.
Mr. Vaddi Satya Narayan
Managing Trustee
Mr. Purna Chandra Hota
Managing Trustee
Mr. Inderjeet Singh
Managing Trustee
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