Trust us, the smiles of the children will be worth it.


We recognize that contributions of time and talent are just as important as financial contributions. We, thus, encourage people to contribute their time by making a conscious effort in participating in our programs to accelerate social and economic change in our country. Education will empower the children but what will make them better human beings is our love, care and attention.
We have various opportunities for you to get involved and volunteer at our schools/ CDC. Presently we have 28 Schools and 17 CDC throughout the India.


As a volunteer, you can help provide children with the educational support they need. A skill set to teach subjects such as English, mathematics and science qualifies you for the job.Energetic and enthusiastic individuals are best fitted for this volunteer position. You don't need any previous experience, training or certification to participate.

Teachers Training

Step into our classrooms and share your knowledge, experience and skills with our fellows/ teachers/staff by volunteering to teach and/or assist them. You need to work as a teacher mentor & work with the teachers to develop effective teaching resources and materials. Your personal insight can make a world of difference to these children's education. You also need to support the professional development of teachers through team teaching, lesson observation and feedback. This interaction with the teachers allows for a mutual broadening of knowledge in the field.

Spoken English Classes

English is widely spoken in India; however, the conversational English standards are not high especially in public schools in India. By volunteering here and teaching English in our schools/ CDCs you will be equipping the needy students with the confidence to speak and understand English as a native speaker.

Computer Classes

Technology has spread far and wide. Communities are replacing paper with modern information storage and communication systems. Learning computer skills is becoming an integral part of the society. As a volunteer, you can play part in transforming societies from the traditional paper systems to new digital era. You will teach children how to use computers, bringing them up to speed on how they can use digital tools to make a difference in their lives. You will teach basic computer skills to the children, equipping them with knowledge which will enhance their lives. For those who may have little knowledge on computers you will help them to advance their skills.

Awareness Program

We need volunteers to work in our projects, spreading public health awareness to parents & students. One of the major barriers towards improved levels of health, sanitation and hygiene in India is the lack of awareness among local populations. Many community members are unaware about the importance of the hygiene and this has prevented them understanding and adopting proper hygiene and safety methods in their day to day lives. Volunteers can develop the skills of students along with their parents in nutrition, personal hygiene, sanitation, addictions, mental health, sexual health and reproductive health through different type of Health, Sanitation and Hygiene Education program. Volunteers can work with the children & their parents in our schools/CDC to provide guidance on current health practices and build awareness of major health risks.

Extracurricular Activities

Volunteers with a background in music, dance or drama can share their skills with the MOMI children. Volunteers can impart their knowledge and have the students enhance their existing understanding about these art forms.

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