Our Approach
We believe that each child matters to God and he wants them not only to survive, but to thrive. OCM/ MOMI is dedicated to helping children in poverty by supporting child development ministries that focus on a child's spiritual, physical, social, mental and emotional needs.



MOMI provides children with activities and services that help them develop holistically at child development centres (CDCs). With a church-based child development centre, we come alongside local evangelical churches that desire to minister to children or are already doing so. We seek to partner with churches located in the poorest communities in order to make as great of an impact as possible. We operate our CDCs out of these same local church facilities and staff them with local church members. By operating out of existing church facilities, the project becomes part of that body of local believers, further instilling the vision for children's ministry within the members and helping the church in its community outreach.


While child development centres provide tutoring and lessons in a few select subjects, partner-based schools provide formal education.

Typically, we partner with independent child ministry and service organizations that run the schools with support from One Child Matters. Unlike our child development centres, partner-based schools are in fact formal education facilities recognized by their local governments.

Whether formally Christian or not, all schools that One Child Matters supports share Jesus with the children and promote Christian values in one form or another.
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